Rwandz Camp

Rwandz Camp has around 250 Yazidis making it our largest micro-camp. The construction of the camp includes a concrete bathroom and kitchen facility and a tent living room for each family. Contained within a large soccer stadium complex which offers entertainment for the children as well as plenty of space for the adults.

Their story made headlines in the summer of 2014 when ISIS militants invaded their land causing tens of thousands to flee into the mountains to escape. The harsh conditions on top of Mt. Sinjar meant many died from exposure or sheer exhaustion, but with the help of Kurdish forces a pathway was made for them to escape the grasp of ISIS, come down from the mountains, and flee to the relative safety of Iraqi-Kurdistan. Homeless with the fewest material possessions of all of the refugees, they remain the ‘least of the least’.

Sponsor a refugee by choosing a family below. Not all family members are shown as some were away at work, school, etc. The average family size in this camp is five. You can choose to sponsor a single refugee or the entire family.