Kawlokan Village

The Kawlokan Village is our most recent micro-camp location. We built 18 homes, each with a large living room, kitchen and bathroom, housing over 100 Shabaks. With easy access to schooling for the children, it remains our ‘model’ for all future work.

The Shabaks are a Shi’ite minority in Northern Iraq that came under threat when ISIS took over Mosul in the summer of 2014. A tip off from a friend in a neighboring village warned them to the incoming ISIS attack so they hurriedly packed their vehicles with everything they could carry and fled the region, leaving with just 2 hours to spare as ISIS swept into their town. The chances of returning to their town in the Mosul plain are slim, so we have built permanent housing for each of these 18 families, making up about 100 people.

Sponsor a refugee by choosing a family below. Not all family members are shown as some were away at work, school, etc. The average family size in this camp is five. You can choose to sponsor a single refugee or the entire family.